Widely known for its stunning scenic landscape and challenging golf course design, River’s Edge Golf Club consistently ranks among the most notable and difficult golf courses amidst the Grand Strand of Myrtle Beach Golf courses.

Golf is a sport that demands precision, skill, and a deep understanding of the course at play. That’s why we recommend our golfers play the course multiple times for the best shot at a reputable round at River’s Edge.

River’s Edge is composed of difficult terrain with the Shallotte River, marshland, and/or water hazards coming into play on 15 of the 18 holes. The esteemed Arnold Palmer design features tight fairways, small tiered greens, and challenging sand bunkers. The course presents a comprehensive test of a player’s skills, blending distance control and precision throughout its 18 memorable holes.

While every shot in golf presents its own set of challenges, some shots stand out as particularly demanding. Here are the top 5 most difficult shots at River’s Edge Golf Club:

The second and third shot on Arnie’s Revenge – Hole #9.

Hole #9 is no doubt the hardest hole at River’s Edge and the way a golfer approaches this challenging hole can make all the difference. This Par 5 plays 540 yards from the black tees and 494 yards from the white tees.

After a smooth tee shot to the fairway on the left, the second shot leaves a golfer with a serious risk for reward decision— to go for the green or to play it a little safer. The risky second shot leaves around a 200 yard shot to the very narrow green. If you make it, you have a serious shot at eagle, if not you go back to the drop area 135 yards out and will be lucky to make par. The smart second shot is played toward the middle fairway bunker leaving you a wedge to the narrow and deep green. Although it sounds easy in writing, the accuracy and skill required to nail these two shots make them the hardest shots at River’s Edge.

The tee shot on hole #15.

Hole #15 is a par 3 playing 185 yards from the black tees and 155 yards from the white tees. With an entire carry over the marshland of the Shallotte river, this shot is one of the hardest at River’s Edge. Our advice to overcoming this hole: Choose the right club and ensure you account for any wind, knock it close and make the putt. Sounds simple right?

The tee shot on hole #16.

If you didn’t think the hole before was hard, don’t worry the tee shot on #16 will make you sweat. With a tight fairway that slopes towards the marsh, accuracy is essential off the tee. For the best results on this blind tee shot, aim to the right edge of the bunker on the left and you’ll drive up to find your ball in the middle of the fairway.

The second shot on hole #6.

Hole #6 may look like an innocent par four, but many argue it is one of the most underestimated holes on the course. With a winding fairway and deep green, distance control and accuracy is a must on this hole. Your club choice and accuracy is crucial off the tee with water 184 to 294 yards on the right, depending on your tee box. A tee shot to the right side of the fairway short of the water is the smart play.

Afterwards comes the harder shot, a large bunker guards the left side of the green. Golfers must commit to the shot, otherwise it will be a tough up and down from the bunker. The deep green can make the pin placement multiply the difficulty on this already challenging hole.

The second shot on hole #11.

Hole #11 is the second handicap at River’s Edge. A difficult par 5 measuring 485 yards from the black tees and 455 yards from the white tees. Surprise, surprise another tight long fairway and peninsula green. You can see a pattern along this Arnold Palmer design course. After a challenging tee shot to the right of the fairway avoiding the long sand trap on the left, the next shot is crucial to making birdie or par.

The fairway tightens and turns ahead, a second shot short of the bunkers on the right will leave you with a nice look at the peninsula green. Be careful to choose the right club and hit it straight because it’s no fun playing from the bunkers or worse hitting left into the Shallotte River. The last challenge on this hole is the audience you may have watching. Composed of a long-tailed, large mouth creature with four legs, hole #11 has the most alligator sightings on the course.


There you have it…the list of holes that have led to many big numbers on scorecards at River’s Edge Golf Club. The key to mastering these holes sounds simple: hit it straight, hit it precise, and knock it stiff. However as any golfer knows, that’s not always how it works out. The best way to master the course at River’s Edge is to play smart and limit large risks. You’ll see a lower round playing more conservative and precise than trying to go for every green.

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