Embarking on a round of golf at Rivers Edge Golf Club is not merely a game; it’s an immersive experience like no other. It demands skill, strategy, and an appreciation for the stunning landscape the Arnold Palmer design resides on. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer familiar with every contour and bunker on the course or a newcomer visiting on a Myrtle Beach Golf Trip, mastering the challenges of the course is key to a rewarding day at Rivers Edge. In this article, we unveil three indispensable tips on how to play well and have a memorable day on the course. 

1. Focus on Course Management.

Rivers Edge Golf Club features a strategic layout with every hole presenting a unique challenge. The legendary golfer’s design includes strategically placed hazards, and sloping greens that demand precision. To conquer this challenging landscape, golfers must not only rely on their technical skills but also exhibit a keen understanding of course management. Choosing the right clubs, assessing risk and reward, and adapting to uncontrollable factors such as wind, are essential to a successful round at Rivers Edge. 

2. Don’t Underestimate Your Short Game

Most golfers have probably heard before that, “60% of your game comes from 100 yards and in,” and a round at Rivers Edge is no exception. With greens strategically guarded by slopes and hazards, and challenging pin placements, mastering the art of putting, chipping, and pitching becomes paramount. 

A golfer’s ability to finesse the ball around the green can be the deciding factor between a birdie and bogey at Rivers Edge. Thus, on our challenging course, the short game is not merely a complement to accuracy off the tee, but instead a critical skill set that can tip the scales in one’s favor. 

3. Live in the moment, not the score.

Rivers Edge Golf Club is often referenced as the most stunning golf course on the Grand Strand and for good reason. The course sits along the bluffs and tidal marshes of the Shallotte River. On each of these holes, one thing remains consistent, breathtaking views like nowhere else. For this reason and more, golfers return year after year to Rivers Edge on golf trips and vacations to experience the unique beauty and landscape of the course.


Our advice to guests at Rivers Edge is to take in every moment on our stunning property. As you set foot into our gated community, your experience becomes our top priority. Our dedicated team is meticulously trained to anticipate and exceed your needs from the moment you arrive. So during your time at Rivers Edge your only focus should be on having fun, enjoying great friends and playing partners, and taking in each breathtaking hole.

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