In the tapestry of a golf course, par 3 holes stand as miniature masterpieces, weaving together challenge, strategy, and beauty into a compact package. During the creation of Rivers Edge Golf Club, Arnold Palmer strategically designed four par 3 holes that perfectly blend the landscape with the challenges of the hole.

Despite their shorter distances, par 3 holes demand precision and finesse, offering golfers an opportunity to showcase their skills with every swing. Join us as we deep dive into the four par 3 holes you will enjoy during your round at Rivers Edge Golf Club. 

Hole no. 5

Hole no. 5 is arguably one of the most picturesque holes at Rivers Edge Golf Club. It is the shortest of the par 3 holes at Rivers Edge, however it is also the most daunting. The Shallotte river marshland guards the sloped green, requiring golfers to carry the distance off the tee.

As you tee off of the elevated tee box, pay special attention to the wind at play, you may need to club up one or two to ensure you reach the green. The pin placement is another added challenge to this hole, a front pin placement can be hard to nail with the green sloping off to the front. If you play too much spin, you may find your ball donated to the marsh. Our expert advice to find success on hole no. 5 is to wisely select your club and commit to your swing. 

Gold Tees: 135

Black Tees: 113

White Tees: 115

Green Tees: 83

Blue Tees: 59


Hole no. 8

Hole no. 8 is another breathtaking hole at Rivers Edge with the Shallotte River surrounding the back and sides of the green. It isn’t uncommon for golfers to see a boat fishing or cruising through the channel behind this hole.

A large greenside bunker on the left is a hazard you’ll want to avoid. The large green is a big target, but depending on where you land your ball it can also lead to long challenging putts. Another overlooked challenge resulted from the stunning backdrop is that your depth perception may be deceived, trust the yardage and fully commit on this tee shot. 

Gold Tees: 190

Black Tees: 183

White Tees: 162

Green Tees: 139

Blue Tees: 118


Hole no. 12

Hole no. 12 has a landscape different from the rest, but is nonetheless extraordinary. Golfers face an uphill tee shot to this testing green, you may want to club up to achieve accuracy. Surrounded by the woods on both sides of this hole the playing field is narrow. 

A good and confident bunker game can be the difference between a bogey and par on this hole with four large bunkers surrounding the green. 

Gold Tees: 174

Black Tees: 169

White Tees: 142

Green Tees: 130

Blue Tees: 89


Hole no. 15

Hole no. 15 at Rivers Edge stands as a breathtaking testament to nature’s influence on the game of golf. Surrounded by the tranquil waters of the Shallotte River, hole no. 15 begins the final stretch of holes at Rivers Edge all along the river. These final holes are regarded by many as the four best finishing holes on the Grand Strand. 

As players step onto the tee box on hole no. 15, they are greeted with the testing challenge of carrying over the Shallotte River. Just like the rest of the par 3 holes at Rivers Edge, accuracy, precision, and the correct club choice are required. A slightly hidden bunker on the right side of the green, leaves the safest route towards the left. The green on 15 is a large target, but with slopes and tricky breaks, landing on the green is only the first of challenges for this outstanding hole. 

Gold Tees: 195

Black Tees: 185

White Tees: 155

Green Tees: 106

Blue Tees: 106


A round at Rivers Edge is nothing short of amazing and the par 3 holes are just the beginning. From their technical demands to their strategic design and natural beauty, these holes offer a captivating blend of challenge and reward that keeps golfers coming back for more. So, the next time you step up to a Par 3 tee box at Rivers Edge take a moment to appreciate the artistry and allure of these miniature marvels – and remember, the journey is just as important as the destination.

We can’t wait for you to experience the one of a kind destination of Rivers Edge Golf Club. Book your next round at Rivers Edge Golf Club today!