Choosing The Right Golf Gear For Fall Weather 

As the days grow shorter and the air becomes crisper at River’s Edge Golf Club, our guests eagerly anticipate the magic of fall golfing. The autumn season along the Grand Strand brings with it cooler temperatures and the opportunity to perfect your swing without the intense summer heat. However, to fully enjoy your golfing experience at River’s Edge Club it’s essential to choose the right golf gear and attire for fall weather. Here are our key considerations and essential items to ensure you have the perfect fall round at River’s Edge. 

1. Dress in layers. 

Fall weather along the North Carolina coast can be unpredictable, with chilly mornings and mild afternoons. Dressing in layers allows you to quickly adapt to the fluctuating temperatures. Our perfect layering guide begins with a base layer of a moisture-wicking golf polo. This keeps sweat away from your skin, in the case it does heat up. On top of that we recommend a lightweight insulating layer, such as a quarter zip or fleece sweater. This layer will keep your core warm and help ensure your back and body stays warm and relaxed while swinging. To top it off, add a wind-resistant waterproof jacket. It is important to ensure that your clothing doesn’t restrict your swing, so opt for stretchy and breathable fabrics designed for golfers. Our Pro Shop is stocked with all the fall weather essentials from reputable golf brands. Come check out our new trendy selection before or after your next round!

2. Wear Golf Pants. 

While shorts may have been your go-to golf attire during the hot Carolina summer, consider switching to golf pants or cold-weather trousers in the fall. These garments will provide better insulation and protect you against frigid winds. Staying warm and comfortable while golfing during the fall helps you maintain focus on your game and ensures a more enjoyable round. 

3. Pick the Right Shoes. 

Fall golf often means dealing with dewy grass and, occasionally, rainy days. There is nothing worse than having cold, wet feet by the fifth hole of your round. Waterproof golf shoes are a must in the fall to keep your feet dry and comfortable for your entire round. Look for shoes with waterproof membranes and good grip to ensure stability in these wet conditions. A little insider tip we have for you is to carry an extra pair, or two, of socks in your bag, just in case. 

4. Pack a few cold-weather accessories, just in case. 

You never know when the wind can change, so we recommend packing a few essential cold-weather accessories in your bag in case a day is a little colder than expected. It is worthwhile to invest in a quality golf beanie or earmuffs, along with thermal insulated golf gloves. If you prefer not to swing while wearing a glove on each hand, we recommend putting hand warmers in your pockets for in-between shots. It’s also a good idea to carry an umbrella to protect from unexpected fall showers. 

5. Sunglasses and Sunscreen 

Just because it’s not summer anymore doesn’t mean you should ditch the sun protection. Fall sun can be deceiving, and the UV rays can still be harmful towards your skin and eyes. Don’t forget to wear sunglasses and apply sunscreen to protect yourself while you’re out on the course. 

Fall golf offers a unique and peaceful experience, but it requires the right gear and attire to keep you comfortable. Dressing in layers, investing in waterproof gear, and packing cold-weather accessories are some of the essentials to consider before your next fall golf round. With the right gear, you can make the most of the beautiful autumn days and continue to enjoy your time on the golf course. So gear up, make your tee time, and embrace the beauty of fall golf at River’s Edge Golf Club. 


About Rivers Edge: Rivers Edge Golf Club, designed by Arnold Palmer, is a picturesque golf course renowned for its breathtaking coastal beauty and challenging layout. It has consistently ranked among the top courses in the Myrtle Beach region.

About East Coast Golf Management: East Coast Golf Management is a respected golf course management company specializing in providing premier golf experiences along the East Coast. They have been at the helm of Rivers Edge since 2011, contributing to its continued success and growth.