Fall golf has been in full swing at River’s Edge Golf Club, but as the morning temperatures begin to drop, it won’t be long until we enter the winter golf season. The winter golf season is an amazing experience at River’s Edge Golf Club because of its ideal location and climate. North Carolina winters have fluctuating temperatures offering both warm and cold days. We are proud to offer our golfers year round golfing opportunities. Many golfers see the winter golf season as a time to improve their skills while enjoying a unique experience on the course.

The winter golf season along the Grand Strand near Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is a desired experience with quieter courses, lower costs, and stunning natural beauty. Keep reading to learn about how you can master the challenges of winter play at River’s Edge, from adapting to the changing weather to honing in your game.

Master Tip #1 — Dress For Success 

Playing golf in the winter requires a thoughtful approach to clothing, similar to fall, but to a greater extent. Read our “Perfect Fall Golfing Guide” article to learn more about the importance  of selecting the right golf gear for seasons.  

During winter the temperatures can change drastically day to day or even morning to afternoon.  Staying warm and comfortable is essential for an enjoyable round. At River’s Edge Golf Club we can have both warm sunny days or colder windy days. Consider these tips to ensure you stay comfortable through your entire 18 hole round. 

Layer Up: Begin with a moisture-wicking base layer to keep sweat away from your skin. If it is cold, add an insulating layer to trap in heat, such as a fleece lined quarter zip or a thermal vest. Finish off with a waterproof and windproof outer layer to protect you from the elements. Dressing in layers allows you to quickly adjust throughout the day. 

If it’s cold don’t forget the head and hands: Wear a warm, moisture-wicking hat and thermal gloves to keep your extremities warm. Having cold fingers can seriously impact your grip and control. 

Thermal Socks and Shoes: Invest in waterproof golf shoes and thermal socks to keep your feet warm and dry throughout your round. 

Master Tip #2  — Adjust Your Game Expectations 

Winter conditions can potentially affect your golf game, so it’s essential to set realistic   expectations and adapt your playing style. You may have to adjust your game day to day depending on the weather. 

Shorter Distances: Cold temperatures reduce ball compression, resulting in shorter distances in your drives and irons. Choose your clubs accordingly and don’t get frustrated if the ball doesn’t go as far as it does on warmer days. Rather than focusing on distance during these months, choose to focus on alignment and control.

Adjusted Putts: The greens in winter can differ drastically from course to course. At River’s Edge our greens tend to be the fastest in winter months. Our winter course management is exceptional, so you can count on having amazing course conditions throughout the entire winter season. 

Mind The Ball: Golf balls can become harder in the cold, which may affect the way they respond to your shots. You may want to use softer golf balls designed for colder temperatures to maintain feel and control on chillier days. Check out our Pro Shop before your round for a variety of golf balls each designed for specific conditions. 

Master Tip #3 — Improve Your Game 

Winter golf provides an opportunity to work on specific aspects of your game. Consider using this quieter time to improve your skills before the busy spring season. 

Practice Your Short Game: Focus on chipping and putting, as these are vital aspects of the game and can also be honed indoors or on the practice green. If you choose to play in winter, our insider trick is to not look too deep into your score, but instead see how many up and downs or putts you have during your round. This can show you what aspects of your game need the most work. 

Analyze Your Swing: Film your swings and review them to identify areas for improvement. Use this time to make any necessary adjustments to your technique. 


The winter season is a great time to visit River’s Edge Golf Club. Make the most of the season by mastering the challenges of winter play with our tips and ticks. Don’t let the changing weather keep you off the fairways — gear up, embrace the challenges, and enjoy the beauty of a winter round of golf at River’s Edge Golf Club. 


About Rivers Edge: Rivers Edge Golf Club, designed by Arnold Palmer, is a picturesque golf course renowned for its breathtaking coastal beauty and challenging layout. It has consistently ranked among the top courses in the Myrtle Beach region.

About East Coast Golf Management: East Coast Golf Management is a respected golf course management company specializing in providing premier golf experiences along the East Coast. They have been at the helm of Rivers Edge since 2011, contributing to its continued success and growth.