The 7th hole at Rivers Edge is a great golf hole and a great challenge for golfers of any age and ability level.  It demands many things out of a golfer and it makes golfers not only hit good shots but think about where and what they want to do with the shots.  We think that makes this par 4 one of the better challenges on the course.

From the white tees the hole plays 385 yards.  The yardage of the hole is not nearly as important as the placement off the tee.  Not only does the hole dogleg to the right but at the start of the dogleg and running all the way to the green on the right hand side is a waste bunker.  It is directly in the landing zone for most right handed golfers and their “power fades”.  The left of the dogleg is tree lined and those tree are reachable as well making the landing area a very narrow target.

The ideal shot off the tee is either to squeeze it between the waste bunker and trees with something less than driver or to get brave and try to carry the corner and be in the fairway.  The second option is obviously for the longer hitters.

After navigating the tee shot golfers are still faced with a difficult shot into the green.  The putting surface is plenty big at 17 yards wide and 38 feet deep, but that is not the problem.  The majority of the green is guarded by the waste bunker that runs up the right side.  Any pin placement that is middle of the green or right of center requires a shot that carries the bunker.  That is what makes the approach difficult.

Most golfers will have a short to mid iron in their hand to attack this shot.  Center to left of center of the green is the safe shot.  If the pin is on the back side and right it is ok to give it a go, but front right takes a very accurate shot.

The putting surface slopes slightly from back to front so being below the hole is the smart place to be.  It makes for a much easier putt.  The players that can walk off the 7th green with a par can feel very good about themselves as they head back to the golf cart.

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