Brunswick County Ladybirds August, 28 2018

Rivers Edge Check-in Team

The Rivers Edge Ladybirds hosted an annual tournament for the Brunswick County Ladybirds at Rivers Edge on August 28, 2018.

The Brunswick County Ladybirds organization consists of  ladies from 12 Brunswick County golf clubs.  The goal of the Ladybirds organization is to provide an opportunity for members to experience competitive golf at a variety of our county’s premier clubs, to introduce members to other female golfers in the area, provide camaraderie, and to enhance the enjoyment of the game of golf.

Each member club hosts a tournament during the season.  To join Ladybirds each lady must be a member of a recognized women’s golf association which adheres to USGA rules of play, and have a published handicap index of 40 or less.

At each tournament flights are established based on handicap and prizes are awarded for 1st and 2nd low gross scores, 1st and second low net scores and low putts for each flight.  At the Rivers Edge tournament all eight of the Rivers Edge Ladybirds players won prizes!

Rivers Edge received numerous compliments during the tournament for the excellent condition of the course, the friendliness of the staff, as well as the beauty and unique challenges presented by our riverside course.

Ladybird Scoreboard. See below for a complete list of winners from our 2018 event at Rivers Edge.

Ladybirds at Rivers Edge - August. 28, 2018 
Brick LandingMadden,Christine275Low Putts
Brick LandingDowdy, Irene28.56Low Putts
Brick LandingBonstein, Elsa31.871st Low Gross
Brick LandingEllis, Carol37.982nd Low Gross
Brick LandingTacea, Mary38.882nd Low Net
Carolina NationalKoch, Connie14.911st Low Net
Carolina NationalRice, Lynne21.131st Low Gross Tie
Carolina NationalMack, Cathy22.231st Low Net tie
Carolina NationalSchuler, Mary29.261st Low Gross Tie
Carolina NationalHeaslip, Nancy30.17Low Putts
Carolina NationalChilders, Phyllis21.432nd Low Net
Carolina ShoresHertling, Karen24.342nd Low Net tie
Carolina ShoresWatkins, Donna27.652nd Low Gross
Crow CreekZaenglein, Judy24.14Low Putts
Crow CreekRidinger, Ginny24.841st Low Net tie
Crow CreekHickey, Carol25.552nd Low Gross Tie
Lockwood FollyBotto, Laura16.221st Low Net
Lockwood FollyThompson, Susann24.442nd Low Gross
Lockwood FollyTodd, Gayle24.442nd Low Net Tie
Lockwood FollyWard, Mary27.752nd Low Nets
Lockwood FollyKlinedinst, Mary32.58Low Putts
Magnolia GreensRoberts, Pamela25.751st Low Gross
Magnolia GreensReid, Helen31.271st Low Net
MeadowlandsCarter, Katrina9.512nd Low Gross Tie
MeadowlandsEllwanger, Billie12.11Ist Low Gross
MeadowlandsMoetsch, Donna12.71Low Putts tie
MeadowlandsHurley, Phyllis21.232nd Low Gross
MeadowlandsNusca, Margaret31.672nd Low Net
MeadowlandsTravers, Claire3381st Low Gross
Oak IslandGoodman, Pat2341st Low Gross
Rivers EdgeArnold, Shirley15.11Low Putts tie
Rivers EdgeCampbell, Sandy17.222nd Low Gross
Rivers EdgeStrunk, Kathy21.33Low Putts
Rivers EdgeLea, Jane2342nd Low Net Tie
Rivers EdgeWenthen, Colleen28.361st Low Net
Rivers EdgeKeck, Sandy29.362nd Low Net
Rivers EdgeLynes, Linda30.672nd Low Gross
Rivers EdgeCarmody, Kathy37.781st Low Net
Sea TrailSpada, Mo11.112nd Low Net
Sea TrailSorenson,Maggie18.322nd Low Net
Sea TrailMulhern, Fran20.831st Low net Tie
Sea TrailEhrsam, Marsha22.631st Low Gross Tie
Sea TrailJones, Paula24.841st Low net Tie
St James PlantationMarsh, Sherry16.22Low Putts tie
St James PlantationStucy, Kathie20.631st Low Gross Tie
The LakesCalibeo, Andrea14.311st Low Gross Tie
The LakesHuggins, Susan16.721st Low Gross
The LakesHodson, Shari18.72Low Putts tie
The LakesCaprini, Nancy25.751st Low Net
The LakesCook, Ann29.762nd Low Gross