Playing the 12th hole is a very deceiving challenge here at Rivers Edge.  This relatively short par 3 has seen some very big numbers written on scorecards after playing it.  Any par 3 is tough when players cannot see the putting surface from the tee box but No. 12 seems to be tougher than most.  Today we are going to give some tips on how to play this tough little test of a golf hole so that golfers won’t have to write 5s and 6s or worse down for their score on this gem of a par 3.

From the tips this hole plays as long as 178 yards and it can be as short as 85 yards from the front tees.  As most golfers play the white tees we will look at this hole from there.  Playing anywhere from 130 to 145 yards from the white tees No.12 seems harmless on the card.  Wrong.  This hole is uphill and always plays longer than the yardage indicates.  Generally, it is a one club difference, but when the pin is in the back of the green it can be 2 clubs longer.  That is one of the reasons this hole is tough, club selection is difficult.

Bunkers almost completely surround the putting surface.  The bunkers in front and to the left and right of the green are deep and intimidating.  When golfers find themselves down in one of these bad boys they are almost certainly looking at a big score.  The trap behind the green is large and leave players faced with a slight downhill sand shot if the flag is middle or front.  YIKES!!  Nobody wants that shot.  So club selection and hitting this green off the tee is of paramount importance if golfers want to make par.

Par is not guaranteed once on the putting surface off the tee either.  The back to front slope and curved left side make for some tough putts to get into the hole or at least close.  Any golfer that walks off this hole with a par or birdie has done some seriously good work!  Their playing partners should congratulate them on the achievement.

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