We at Rivers Edge have been committed to providing our customers a safe and enjoyable environment when visiting our facility! As we comply with all government mandates, we have taken a few things one step further. Rest assured when you visit our facility, we are here to provide you an escape from the chaos surrounding our daily lives.

If you have already played or plan to play golf today, you would have seen pool noodles placed inside the cup. The maintenance staff has placed these there so people will not have to stick their hand all the way into the hole. We used pool noodles instead of PVC pipe because pool noodles will absorb the golf ball, whereas PVC pipe would have had a higher chance of kicking the ball out of the cup.

Please remember in all these scenarios, you the customer need to ensure you are taking the necessary measures as well! We are doing everything we can to help and we kindly ask you reciprocate that effort!

Thank you, everyone, for being understanding during these difficult times.

Jason Monahan
Director of Operations

Rivers Edge Golf Club



East Coast Golf Management