Rivers Edge Beauty from Sunrise to Sunset

We hope all are enjoying the summer which is off to a HOT start!! We are currently in the ideal growing season for our bermuda based grasses. It is in this time period we are afforded the opportunity to prepare the golf course for premium fall conditions. To do so it is imperative that we do things some view as an inconvenience but in reality, are imperative to maintaining healthy turf year-round. We all tend to fall in love with the conditions we see on TV, what we do not see is the months of less than ideal conditions those courses undergo to produce a few short weeks of magic!

To provide our customers with the best possible playing conditions we will be utilizing this growing season to enhance some vulnerable areas around the golf course. Following are projects that we have in store over the next few weeks to achieve the conditions we all love.

      • Temporary Tee Closures: We will be consolidating and closing several tee boxes to sod and or stimulate healthy growth as we prepare for higher traffic patterns that come with fall season. Most notably will be our Par 3’s. Approx. down time per tee box will be 10-14 days.
      • Making a Comeback: We will be ordering a shade tolerant grass to sod several tee boxes that are located in reduced sunlight areas. This will include bringing back to life a few tee boxes that had been eliminated due to unhealthy turf conditions.
      • Waste Bunker Restorations: Beautification projects and restorations will continue on select waste bunkers.
    • Cart Path Repair: Drainage has been installed on the cart path between #12 & #13 tee box. We will be paving this section of the path for a smoother journey to your next tee box.
    • Driving Range Improvements: We will be dressing up the driving range with some new equipment along with a remedy to the debris pile that should satisfy all! This project will take place in stages over the summer and provide a more professional experience for our members and customers.

We apologize in advance for the temporary inconveniences you may encounter. We are confident not only our members but our daily customers will appreciate the efforts and reap the rewards upon completion. Our team is committed to enhancing and improving our beautiful facility and we are excited to share some of the highlights with you. The list continues and more will be shared as we approach the next stage.

Please don’t forget to tip your cap to our superintendent and his crew for their extended efforts in making Rivers Edge a place we are all proud to call home!