Has it been some time since you’ve played Rivers Edge? Well it’s time to remedy that, call today and BOOK NOW, you have missed a lot in the past few years! Back in 2017 we started a theme “Breathing New Life into the Edge”, an ongoing story line of renovations and projects to enhance and refresh Rivers Edge. It is a very exciting time for our facility as we close in on the final chapter of this story line and spread the word Rivers Edge is as strong as it has ever been.

Before we move on let’s recap what has taken place. You may click on the links below to revisit our archived publications relevant to the story line;

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Breathing New Life into the Edge Chapter 3

Breathing new life into the Edge: Progress Report

Welcome back from your journey in time. You may wonder why we schedule and accomplish so much in the cooler months, due to the temperatures the majority of our native grasses go dormant or to sleep, foliage is not actively growing, therefore it affords our maintenance team more time to focus on improvement projects. Let’s take a look at what was on the agenda and where we are today;

  • Bunker Renovations Holes #1 & #10: For those who have played Rivers Edge consistently over the years, you may recall the waste areas to the left of these holes to be slightly overgrown and lacking sufficient drainage, yielding the areas at times unplayable. You will be amazed at the difference on your next experience. We are even looking to create a split fairway on hole #10 as the renovated section matures.
  • Cart Barn Renovations: We took this time to gut the entire cart barn and improve the overall health and safety of this area for our staff.
  • Double Eagle Grille New Stove: With the addition of our new menu and the high demand of dinner events, rewarding our staff with this new equipment was a no-brainer!
  • Clubhouse Roof Replacement: Sitting on the Shallotte River for twenty years and enduring several hurricanes can weather any building. It was time our clubhouse received updated protection, now affording us the opportunity to enhance minor interior cosmetic issues.


Not much of a reader…See link below  for a our two-minute video tour

Breathing New Life Into The Edge

2019 renovation projects are underway. Check out the progress as we breathe new life into "The Edge."

Posted by Rivers Edge Golf Club on Thursday, March 7, 2019

We hope you enjoyed the recap and updates. It is with your support that affords us the opportunity to improve. We value your business and we want your business at Rivers Edge. Our staff is committed to providing our customers a memorable experience each and every visit. We look forward to serving you at the Edge!

Join us as we move forward painting the canvas of our future.