RELGA Recognizes Some Very Special Ladies!

Winners of the 1st Annual “President’s Award”: Sandy Keck, 18 Hole winner; Georgia Folkins, 9 Hole winner

The Rivers Edge Ladies Golf Association (RELGA) held its annual luncheon meeting on December 14 at Angelos in Shallotte.  The highlight of the luncheon was the presentation of a newly developed “President’s Award”. This award is presented to one representative of the 9-Hole Group and one representative of the 18-Hole Group.  The winners of this award “exemplify the goal of promoting good fellowship and sportsmanship; show enthusiasm for the game of golf; encourage others to play and improve their game and demonstrate leadership and coaching excellence”.  

A plaque identifying the winners will be hung in the Rivers Edge Club House. The winners were also presented with a gift and a certificate.

RELGA 2018 Board of Directors: From left to right: Linda Lynes, President; Sandy Campbell, Secretary; Kathy Strunk, Member-at-Large; Colleen Wenthen, Vice President/Treasurer; Shirley Arnold, Past President

RELGA also added two new members to their Board of Directors for 2019.  Jane Lea will represent the 18-Hole Group while Georgia Folkins will represent the 9-Hole Group.  

Jane Lea, new Board of Directors Member for 2019, 18 Hole Group

Georgia Folkins, New Board of Directors Member for 2019, 9 Hole Group