It has been more than two years since the decision was made to change our greens here at Rivers Edge Golf Club from Paspalum grass to Sunday Ultra-Dwarf Bermuda.  The Paspalum was just not recovering from the colder winter weather as well as we would have liked and it became apparent that a change needed to be made.  It was possibly the best decision our ownership and management team has ever made.  Two years later the hybrid strain is thriving and the greens are now one of the many highlights of the golf course.

Sunday Ultra-Dwarf Bermuda is bred for growing in the southern climate that we have here in the Carolinas.  It was first found at Cotton Creek Golf Club in Alabama back in 2007.  The dense growth, reduced seed head, and lighter color are the main highlights that make it attractive to golf courses to want to use.  Sunday characteristic includes a very fine grass blade, a soft feel, it grows in sand based soil and its growth is slower than most grasses.  All of these things make it a superintendent’s dream as far as maintenance and care go.

Now to the most important reason, we are happy we installed Sunday Ultra-Dwarf Bermuda on our greens….golfers love it!!  On the list of the compliments that we receive in the golf shop when golfers finish their round, the quality of our putting surfaces is high on the list.  Daily players make a point to tell our staff how much they enjoyed putting our greens.  They rave about how true the roll is and how well surfaces receive approach shots.

“Rivers Edge is a great golf course,” said Brian from West Virginia.  “Putting on these greens is like the cherry on top of the sundae.  They are great!”

Many businesses face cross-road like decisions during the course of their existence.  Looking back to 2015 and the decision to upgrade our putting surfaces was our cross-road and we are all very happy with the decision and more importantly the result of that decision.  We love seeing golfers walk off our golf course happy that they chose to play “The Edge” and we look forward to them returning again and again.

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