Playing the 14th hole here at Rivers Edge Golf Club is a risk-reward hole for sure.  This short par 4 only measures 275 yards but that does necessarily make it an easy hole.  Yes it is drivable for many golfers and yes it is less than driver off the tee and then a short iron into the green for the rest.  That means nothing if the shots are not hit properly.  The fairway is tree lined on both sides with a large bunker guarding the front right part of the green.  This hole is much tougher than the yardage leads to believe on the scorecard.

First of all the hole is a slight dogleg left for those thinking about driving the green.  A draw as to be the play.  The only way to keep the ball on the green from the tee is by landing short of the green because the green rolls away from golfers as it runs front to back.  There is also a small valley just left of the green that will collect balls almost as much as the greenside bunker does.  Long do not lend to an easy chip back shot either for the really big hitters.  As tempting as it may be, the smart play is to layup off the tee.

A long iron or hybrid is the play for laying up.  This leaves a wedge in hand for most golfers.  Now players can confidently look at the flag and hit for the green.  Remember that the green slopes front to back.  The back pin is easier to get close to than the front pin because of the slope.  So it take precision to get the ball to a place that provides a makeable birdie putt.

Once on the green other than the slight front to back slope the surface is pretty flat so it should not be hard to two putt for par.  Even on a short hole it is still a good score for this little devil.

This is such a fun hole because there are many ways to play it.  We just covered two of them, but it is a hole that does allow for some creativity off the tee and around the green as well.

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