Short holes on golf courses often get overlooked as not being something that golfers need to worry about as they “plan” their strategy of making there way around the golf course.  The par 5s and long par 4s are always more concerning to the average golfer.  Any players that sleep on the par 4 2nd hole at Rivers Edge will be writing a large number on their scorecard after limping off the green.  From tee to green this 338 yard (from the white tees) par 4 will challenge golfers both visually and skill wise.

When golfers stand on the tee box and look down the fairway the first thing they will see is that they can’t see the landing area and the rest of the hole.  Roughly 225 yards from the white tee box is a slope that runs down to a pond that guards the last 125 yards of the hole and most of the front of the green.  The right side of the fairway runs down toward the base of the right side of the green allowing for more room off the tee.  A long iron, hybrid or fairway wood off the tee would be the best bet depending on a players length.  A shot favoring the right-center of the fairway is not only safest, but also provides the best angle into the green on the second shot.

Once in the fairway players are looking down at the green as the putting surface sits lower than the fairway.  Do not let that give a false sense of the need for less club into the green.  The water protests 85% of the front of the surface, meaning that the middle of the green is the safe play no matter where the pin is.  The good news is that from this position golfers are probably hitting short iron or wedge into the green allowing for more control of the shot distance.  Better or more confident players can get aggressive and try to leave the ball below the hole on the front of the green.

The putting surface does have a fairly good slope from back to front on the front half of the green.  A front pin placement is a total “sucker pin”.  The rest of the very large green is much flatter and making a run at birdie or two-putting for par should not be too hard.  The goal on this hole is to walk away with par.  Anyone that can do that should be quite happy with themselves.  This hole is a prime example of how short par 4s can still provide quite a challenge to golfers.

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