Welcome back to Rivers Edge and thank you for tuning in to our journey. We have some very exciting news as we continue to improve and enhance the conditions at Rivers Edge. Back in August we began with “Breathing new life into the Edge”  and then in late October followed up with “Thinking outside the Box“. We are committed to providing our customers with a memorable experience each time they visit our facility, one we hope will leave them excited to return!

As we begin the new year our team is excited to add many more chapters to our story. Why wait? Let’s get started now! Beginning January 18th we will begin Phase 1 of our Bunker renovation project. Over the next few weeks our maintenance crew will be working on seven key bunkers.

  • Hole #1 bunker past marsh on right side of hole.

    #12 BEFORE

    • fill, contour and sod
    • landscaped with native plant material
  • Hole #2 bunker short left of pond
    • fill, contour and sod
  • Hole #12 bunker short left of green
    • fill, contour and sod
  • Hole #15 bunker right side of green
    • reshape bunker smaller, fill and sod excess
  • Hole #16 bunker short left of green

    #12 AFTER

    • fill, contour and sod
  • Hole #16 bunker right side of green
    • reshape bunker along right side of green, fill and sod excess
  • Hole #18 bunker short left of green
    • fill, contour and sod.

Stay tuned for more updates on the next phase of our bunker renovation project. We are just scratching the surface, like I said, 2018 is going to be a great year for Rivers Edge! We will revisit the bunker renovation progress upon completion of  other important tasks we have scheduled. Let’s not forget, bunkers are a hazard, don’t hit it in them!

Here is a sneak peek at what is happening in the coming weeks.

  • Tree Removal project to begin the week of January 22
    • this will aid in the health of our turf in compromised areas along with afford us the opportunity to repair root damage to cart paths.
    • estimated length of project is approx 3 weeks at an average of 10 trees per day
  • Bulkhead Repairs to begin the week of January 29
    • Hole #9 will undergo the repair of approx 150 ft of damaged bulkhead. The forecasted timeline from start to finish is estimated at approx 3 weeks
    • Hole #9 will have a temp green during this time period and be played as a Par 3. This is GREAT NEWS for anyone who struggles with Arnies Revenge!!
  • Cart Path Repair Stage 1
    • repair 100 feet of the cart path immediately after #12 green

      #12 Cart Path Repairs

The timeline on all projects is subject to change due to mother nature. We have all been impacted by the inconsistency in the weather the past few weeks!

We look forward to seeing you at the Edge soon and thank you in advance for your support and understanding. Our staff will do everything we can to ensure your round of golf is not impacted by the ongoing renovations to our facility.

Stay tuned for progress updates and pictures of “Breathing new life into the Edge”.