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As the largest Father and Son event in the world, the Father & Son Team Classic has always placed an emphasis on family bonds, particularly those created through memorable events and fun competition.  After 17 years of strictly fathers and sons, the tournament committee expanded to separate tournaments that allow the entire family to take part in this long-standing tradition. Consequently, the Mother & Daughter Team Classic and the Father & Daughter Team Classic were started three years ago to include more opportunities for the whole family. Starting in 2018, we have combined the Mother & Daughter Team Classic and the Father & Daughter Team Classic into one event that encompasses all familial relationships: the Parent Child Team Classic. Because that’s what these events are all about: Family.

The Father & Son Team Classic is a two person team, 54-hole event that takes place in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina every July.  The event is not just for Father’s and Son’s, but rather for all relationships so long as there is a generational gap. To see who can play in this great event, click HERE.

The Parent Child Team Classic is similar to the Father & Son Team Classic but incorporates all other relationships, such as mother and daughter or mother and son. You can also check out all the relationships that are allowed by clicking HERE

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Rivers Edge Par 3 Hole #8