Lower Your Score at Rivers Edge

Rivers Edge Golf Club announces its participation in the PGA’s “Scoring Tee” Program.  The Scoring Tee is aimed at both increasing participation and improving the time it takes to play.

This is one of the biggest programs designed by the PGA of America to grow the game of golf.  Measuring 4,019 and 3,442 yards respectively, both meet the USGA’s required 3,000 yards.  The tees will be rated in April, 2016 so players can post their scores from the “new” course.

Why is this program so important for Rivers Edge?  They want to make the Arnold Palmer gem more inviting for players of all ages, sexes and abilities.  With all major sports aiming to speed up their respective games, the PGA is well-aware that timing is everything these days.  Golf is one of the hardest games to play and with greater time constraints for work, family and social engagements; Golf Professional’s worldwide are trying everything to keep the game growing.

Courses are getting longer and players are not getting younger which leads to golfers playing tees that are not suited for their golf swing.  The more attempts made with minimal success pushes players to question why they continue playing.  The Scoring Tee allows all players the chance to enjoy the game, lower their scores and play faster!

Rather than focus on the traditional carry distance theory, this program is based on the swing speed.  Giving players the chance to reach holes in regulation and maneuver over hazards will increase their enjoyment, lower their scores and improve the pace of play.

Want to give it a try?  Give us a call 910.755.3434 today and say, “I want to score!”

Click the link for the Interview on Golf Director radio featuring Jeff Pianelli.  : http://thegolfdirector.com/play-rivers-edge-golf-club-november-2015-update/